Thursday, April 24, 2014

BlogHer and the Pixies

I'm Going to BlogHer '14!

I am very excited! The Pixie Household is attending the 2014 BlogHer conference in San Jose, California! Now, I have to confess... The Pixie Household knew they were going to attend this conference back in October - which was when I bought the tickets.  But having tickets and actually having the time, energy, and money to attend are different things.

Last October, this Pixie attended a BlogHer conference in San Francisco.  It wasn't what I expected.  This is to say, I was expecting one thing and was introduced to something entirely different.  This is neither good or bad... It just didn't fit my needs.  I don't regret attending - I believe I just attended the wrong conference.

While at that event, everyone I met kept telling me I was at the wrong conference.  I needed to attend the bigger BlogHer conference instead of the smaller one I attended.  So, after a discussion with Wicked Pixie and Naughty Pixie, it was decided we would attend.  Even better, it was BlogHer's 10th Anniversary conference, so there should be a lot more break out sessions and connections to be made.  I bought a ticket.  After about 30 minutes of having secured my own ticket, I decided to buy tickets for Wicked Pixie and Naughty Pixie.  I felt it was something they could benefit from, especially since they both are interested in blogging.

Our hotel reservations are secured. I have the time carved out to attend.  The monies are already in the bank.  We're set!

Even better? We've decided to extend our trip and turn the majority of it into a family vacation.  After the conference, we'll be exploring a bit of California and Oregon. Fun! Fun! Fun! And plenty of adventures to share!

Happy Thursday, Pixie Pals!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

It is Pixie Time...

Wow! I cannot believe how long it has been since this Pixie actually logged on and posted a few lines!  Many apologies, Pixie Pals.  I know the hiatus I went on was far longer than anticipated, but I'm preparing to jump back on board the blogging train.

So, I suppose I should fill you in on the latest...
  • My consulting business has bounced back from the economic downturn and then some.  So much so that I have brought in people to help handle the workload.
  • I am teaching at more universities/colleges now.  It has caused me to tighten my time management skills.
  • I went to a blogging conference back in October.  It was so interesting that I'm going to another blogging conference in July.  I'm bringing Naughty Pixie and Wicked Pixie with me.  It will be the first blogging conference for them.
  • My photography business has picked up requiring me to purchase more equipment and tighten my time management skills even further.
  • I was working on a new website for my Pixie blog, but I've put that on hold due to time (i.e. there isn't enough of it).
There is more, but I'm getting tired just realizing what all is going on.  I plan on devoting some blog space to each of these areas (and a few more things), but I wanted to post a quickie to let everyone know the hiatus is officially over.

Ciao for now!